DevConf.cz 2018 has ended

DevConf.cz 2018 is the 10th annual, free, Red Hat sponsored community conference for developers, admins, DevOps engineers, testers, documentation writers and other contributors to open source technologies such as Linux, Middleware, Virtualization, Storage, Cloud and mobile where FLOSS communities sync, share, and hack on upstream projects together in the beautiful city of Brno, Czech Republic.

When: Friday, January 26 to Sunday, January 28, 2018

Venue: Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT - Božetěchova 2, Brno)


  • Friday 17:15: at the venue there will be a surprise show, stick around!
  • Saturday 19:00: the social event starts at Fleda Club. TICKET IS REQUIRED. Tickets will be distributed each day at check-in. First come, first serve.
  • Sunday 17:00: there will be many prizes given away at the closing session.

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Testing [clear filter]
Saturday, January 27

10:30am CET

Ship for Fedora/EPEL with Pagure, PyPI, Jenkins
Limited Capacity seats available

"I maintain several Fedora-related Python projects. Over time I've developed a workflow for developing and releasing these projects using:

* Pagure (for VCS, pull requests, and issues)
* Pagure / Jenkins integration (for CI)
* Tox (for CI test running)
* diff-cover / diff-quality (for coverage and code quality checks)
* PyPI (as a 'neutral' repository for releases)
* A shell script for cutting releases
* A Fedora package workflow that allows me to do package builds for new releases quickly

I'll be walking through this workflow in detail. I'm also hoping some folks with their own workflows for this will attend so we can compare notes and maybe improve each other's approaches.

No limit on attendees beyond room size, required resources should be just the usual (projector and network)."

Post-presentation note for attendees: I've uploaded the slide deck, with an extra slide with references like the Jenkins integration instructions, diff-cover links and a link to fedfind where you can see my setup.py, tox.ini, and so on.

avatar for Adam Williamson

Adam Williamson

Fedora QA engineer, Red Hat
Fedora QA engineer

Saturday January 27, 2018 10:30am - 11:23am CET
D-C228 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)

11:30am CET

Web UI Automation with Selenium for Beginners
Limited Capacity filling up

"In this talk I will cover web ui automation using selenium with a focus on the Python programming language. Attendants will learn how to easily gather web ui information, record their actions and play them back via Selenium IDE, then learn how to write Python code to perform the same actions and finally how to use your automation with py.test. Other topic that will be discussed, time allowing, will be how to use SauceLabs to execute automated tests on multiple types of operating systems and web browser combinations."

avatar for Og Maciel

Og Maciel

TheForeman, Katello, Pulp, Red Hat
Og Maciel is a Senior Manager of Quality Engineering for the Red Hat Satellite team. He has spent the last 6+ years building a team of Black Belt Quality Engineers responsible for the automation of complex systems and delivering quality products through the use of continuous delivery... Read More →

Saturday January 27, 2018 11:30am - 11:53am CET
D-C228 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)

12:00pm CET

Are there enough learning opportunities for a QE?
Limited Capacity seats available

"If you think that being a QE might be boring then you can join in to learn some of the exciting opportunities that we have. I will break some of the myths about testing we hear all the time and share that it is a challenging job making each day enjoyable at work. Test automation is the key to learning and agile is challenging at the same time. I will be sharing some of the key learnings from my personal experience over the years and that how much I have enjoyed being in a QE job role ;)"

avatar for Anisha Narang

Anisha Narang

Senior Quality Engineer, Red Hat
Senior Quality Engineer

Saturday January 27, 2018 12:00pm - 12:23pm CET
D-C228 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)
  Testing, Discussion

12:30pm CET

One Testing Framework to Rule Them All
Limited Capacity filling up

"Testing your software can be even more complex than developing the software itself. You need a collection of distinct types of tests, like unittests and functional tests for every single layer, from the backend to the public API, from the Database model to the Web Interface, from the Mobile App to the Build Scripts, on local, remote, virtual or container deployments. In this session we will discuss methods and frameworks to reduce the complexity, improve the test coverage and optimize its performance.
You're expected to have some knowledge in Software Development and in Software Testing, but the session will cover the basics of the approached subjects."

avatar for Amador Pahim

Amador Pahim

Red Hat Software Engineer
Software Engineer in Red Hat's Virtualization Team, focused in write and improve the testing frameworks. Solid background in System Administration, with certifications like RHCE and RH401. Fedora Ambassador and frequent panelist at Free Software events.

Saturday January 27, 2018 12:30pm - 1:23pm CET
D-C228 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)

1:30pm CET

How to tests containers with Meta-Test-Family
Limited Capacity seats available

"This talk will give you an overview, how to test containers with Meta-Test-Family (MTF). Why to tests containers? What are use cases? What kind of environment you will need for testing? MTF brings several linters for Dockerfile and more."

avatar for Petr Hracek

Petr Hracek

Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat s.r.o.
Userspace containerization team, testing, RHEL.next initiatives, Red Hatter, open-source, PyCharm, let's test what we ship, https://www.linkedin.com/in/petr-hracek-23b58220/
avatar for Jan Ščotka

Jan Ščotka

principal Quality assurance, Redhat Czech s.r.o.
Started to work in Redhat 10 years ago. working on cockpit project and in packit organization

Saturday January 27, 2018 1:30pm - 2:23pm CET
D-C228 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)

2:30pm CET

Scale up satellite to manage 50K Red Hat systems
Limited Capacity seats available

"Customers using Red Hat Satellite are often these very big ones. This makes performance, scale and reliability testing and tuning important part of the processes around the Satellite. We will show how Performance Engineering team does that testing, what tools are we using and what are the outcomes.

There is no one-size-fits-all configuration as the optimal tuning will vary based on your environmental factors, such as the hardware Satellite 6.2 is deployed on or other components. This presentation provides our performance results of a 30 000 node scale run analysis, challenges, description of the environment used and recommendations."

avatar for Saurabh Badhwar

Saurabh Badhwar

Red Hat
I am an opensource enthusiast, currently working with the Performance and Scale Engineering Team in Red Hat to work upon the Performance and Scale of Red Hat Satellite. I love to code and work on software architectures and occasionally speak at Open Source Conferences about the work... Read More →
avatar for Jan Hutar

Jan Hutar

Works at Red Hat

Saturday January 27, 2018 2:30pm - 3:23pm CET
D-C228 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)

3:30pm CET

Software testing for Cloud-Native Applications
Limited Capacity seats available

"I will present some of the testing tools created by the Cloud Enablement team to develop and test all xPaaS Docker images, as well as show how do we test in both static and openshift environments. All work is made by Arquillian and concreate, our testing tools."

avatar for David Bečvařík

David Bečvařík

Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
David is a container enthusiast interested in containers images, security and engines internals. He is also one of founders of Prague Containers Meetup, where he regulary speaks about containers and devops related topics.
avatar for Ricardo Martinelli de Oliveira

Ricardo Martinelli de Oliveira

JBUG:Brazil, Ansible Meetup, Red Hat Developers, Red Hat, Inc.
Ricardo has 10+ year of Italy experience with both Development and sysadmin skills. Works at Red Hat in the OpenShift xPaaS team, providing all JBoss solutions to run in Dockerized environments and providing advices about how to use OpenShift at their bes
avatar for Filippe Spolti

Filippe Spolti

Software Engineer
Working as Software Engineer for Red Hat Cloud Enablement team.

Saturday January 27, 2018 3:30pm - 4:23pm CET
D-C228 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)
  Testing, Presentation

4:30pm CET

Testing > Beautiful Testing
avatar for Anandprakash Tandale

Anandprakash Tandale

openstack engineer, Red Hat
Working in Red Hat, since last 3 years. Have good knowledge of Cloud, DevOps and ML and AI. Presented talks in many opensource meetups also including DevConf.Cz 18, OpenStack user group meetups, python Pune meetup, all hands. Enthusiastic to spread knowledge of opensource.

Saturday January 27, 2018 4:30pm - 4:53pm CET
D-C228 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)
  Testing, Presentation