DevConf.cz 2018 has ended

DevConf.cz 2018 is the 10th annual, free, Red Hat sponsored community conference for developers, admins, DevOps engineers, testers, documentation writers and other contributors to open source technologies such as Linux, Middleware, Virtualization, Storage, Cloud and mobile where FLOSS communities sync, share, and hack on upstream projects together in the beautiful city of Brno, Czech Republic.

When: Friday, January 26 to Sunday, January 28, 2018

Venue: Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT - Božetěchova 2, Brno)


  • Friday 17:15: at the venue there will be a surprise show, stick around!
  • Saturday 19:00: the social event starts at Fleda Club. TICKET IS REQUIRED. Tickets will be distributed each day at check-in. First come, first serve.
  • Sunday 17:00: there will be many prizes given away at the closing session.

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Research [clear filter]
Friday, January 26

10:30am CET

Red Hat's Open Source AI Vision
Limited Capacity seats available

"Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI represent a fundamental transformation that over the coming decade will affect every aspect of society, business and industry. It will fundamentally change, how we interact with Computers - and how we develop, maintain, and operate systems. It's impact will be visible in our part of the universe much sooner than for the analog world. This deeply affects both Open Source in general, as well as Red Hat, it's ecosystem and customer base.
This talk will provide a perspective on Red Hat's thinking around AI in the broadest sense."

avatar for Daniel Riek

Daniel Riek

Senior Director, Artificial Intelligence CoE, Red Hat, Inc

Friday January 26, 2018 10:30am - 10:53am CET
A-D105 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)

11:00am CET

Global revolution in machine learning
Limited Capacity seats available

"Many researchers and developers consider machine learning and artificial intelligence to be the next global revolution similar to industrial revolution. It's known even today that machine learning and AI can have global impact on things we do on daily basis. Computers already substituted human being in various daily activities helping people to be more productive or enjoy life in a different way. Let's have a look at technical aspects how machine learning works, what are the main principles and how you can start with machine learning and AI."

avatar for Fridolín Pokorný

Fridolín Pokorný

Software Engineer
Fridolín Pokorný is a software engineer at Red Hat with a focus on big data processing, machine learning and AI.

Friday January 26, 2018 11:00am - 11:23am CET
A-D105 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)

1:30pm CET

Search and Learning-based Software Engineering
Limited Capacity seats available

"Search and learning-based software engineering is about the exploitation of optimization and machine learning methods for the software engineering domain. The goal is to move the practices in software engineering from the human-based to machine-based problem-solving. Search and learning-based software engineering has been examined, researched, and developed in the last decade in the academia. The research output has shown many useful applications for the industry. However, while the area is promising, less effort has been made to transfer those discovered methods from academia to industry. This talk tries to explain the transition opportunities of search and learning-based software engineering from academia to industry. The talk will present many possibilities for applications."

avatar for Bestoun Al-Beywanee

Bestoun Al-Beywanee

Assistant Professor of software engineering, Czech Technical University
Obtained a Ph.D. in Software engineering. Worked as a researcher attached to the Universiti Sains Malaysia. He worked also as a researcher in the Swiss AI Lab. He is an assist. professor in the dep. of computer science and the co-founder of Software Testing Intelligent Lab (STILL... Read More →

Friday January 26, 2018 1:30pm - 2:23pm CET
A-D105 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)

3:30pm CET

Container Image Storage Compression and Dedupe
Limited Capacity filling up

"Container images are known to be compressible. But there is no comprehensive evaluation of how much storage space can be saved through storage features such as compression and deduplication.

This talk presents quantitative findings of Container image reduction under different workloads using Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) developed by Permabit and recently acquired by Red Hat. We discovered that storage space savings range between 50% and 85% on different workloads.

Building on these findings, we created an optimized Docker registry service on OpenShift that is capable of reducing storage spaces used by CI/CD by almost a magnitude."

avatar for Huamin Chen

Huamin Chen

Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, Red Hat
Dr. Huamin Chen is a passionate developer at Red Hat' CTO office. He is one of the founding member of Kubernetes SIG Storage, member of Ceph, Knative, and Rook. He previously spoke at KubeCon, OpenStack Summits, and other technical conferences.
avatar for Dennis Keefe

Dennis Keefe

Software Engineering Manager, Red Hat

Friday January 26, 2018 3:30pm - 4:23pm CET
G-E105 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)

4:00pm CET

Fedora in Education
Limited Capacity seats available

"On this session I would like to talk about using FOSS and more specifically Fedora for education purposes. I aim to answer why is it important for us to teach students about open source software and what are the benefits of going completely FOSS in education.

I also want to talk briefly about our Fedora classroom mentioned here: https://fedoramagazine.org/fedora-computer-lab-university/

what were the difficulties and how we manage it."

avatar for Nemanja Milosevic

Nemanja Milosevic

Fedora Project Ambassador & Teaching Assistant, University of Novi Sad
Nemanja Milosevic is a Fedora Ambassador from Serbia. He is also a teaching assistant and PhD student on University of Novi Sad in Serbia. In his other life, he is developing Android and .NET applications at his family's software development company. He o

Friday January 26, 2018 4:00pm - 4:23pm CET
D-C228 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)

4:00pm CET

Analyzing Blockchain in Spark
Limited Capacity seats available

"I will show how you can leverage the containers and run the Spark cluster on top of OpenShift. For demonstration purposes, I'll be demoing the Blockchain analysis in Jupyter interactive notebook using the external Spark cluster running in OpenShift, everything dockerized.

The talk will briefly describe how Blockchain transactions work. How we can run various queries on the publicly available Blockchain data, graph algorithms such as PageRank for identifying significant BTC addresses and more.

* https://radanalytics.io
* https://spark.apache.org/graphx
* https://graphframes.github.io"

avatar for Jiri Kremser

Jiri Kremser

senior SW engineer / data scientist, Red Hat
senior SW engineer / data scientist

Friday January 26, 2018 4:00pm - 4:53pm CET
A-D105 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)

4:00pm CET

Can developers use OpenSSL?
Limited Capacity seats available

"Last year, we asked 90 developers to generate/validate certificates using the command line OpenSSL. Why didn't they succeed? What do people think of the interface? What's wrong with the manual page and what do online tutorials lack? And what can be changed to improve the situation?

In our research, we focused on API of OpenSSL, a widely-known cryptographic library. We'll present multiple insights from the DevConf 2017 research booth, answering the questions from the previous paragraph.

We use OpenSSL as a real-world example to spark conversation on usable security. How to make products that are not only computationally secure but also usably secure for the end-users (be it your system administrator or your granny)?"

avatar for Martin Ukrop

Martin Ukrop

researcher, teacher, Masaryk University
Passionate about usable security, user experience, teaching and experiential learning. Actively organizing educational events in the community "Instruktoři Brno". Ceaselessly fascinated by the world.

Friday January 26, 2018 4:00pm - 4:53pm CET
F-E104 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)
Saturday, January 27

10:30am CET

Building Streaming Recommendation Engines on Spark
Limited Capacity seats available

"Collaborative filtering is a well known method to implement recommendation engines. Although modern techniques, such as Alternating Least Squares (ALS), allow us to perform rating predictions with large amounts of observations, typically ALS is implemented as a distributed batch algorithm where retraining must be performed with the entirety of the data. However, when dealing with large amounts of data as a stream, batch retraining might be problematic. In this talk Rui will guide us in building a streaming ALS implementation using Apache Spark and based on Stochastic Gradient Descent, where training can be performed using observations as they arrive. The advantages of real-time streaming collaborative filtering will be discussed as well as the scenarios where batch ALS might be preferable."

avatar for Rui Vieira

Rui Vieira

Software Engineer
Rui is a Software Engineer at Red Hat working on Data Science, Apache Spark and Spark Streaming applications.

Saturday January 27, 2018 10:30am - 10:53am CET
C-D0207 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)

3:30pm CET

Hacker's guide to Web Assembly
Limited Capacity seats available

"WebAssembly is a new low-level binary compile format that will do a better job at being a compiler target than JavaScript. It’s being called “the future of the web platform” and did you know that its promising features in terms of speed, reusability and safety has brought major browser vendors working together to make it a reality and the MVP is already available in major browsers.

Want to know how WebAssembly work? Why is WebAssembly so fast? How to build web apps using C/C++/Rust? In this talk we’ll look at history, basics, applications and deep dive into the core concepts of WebAssembly with help of live demos and coding.

Session Content :
- Introduction to WebAssembly
- Live Demos
- History & Need of WebAssembly
- Applications of WebAssembly
- Community Details & support Channels"

avatar for Vigneshwer Dhinakaran

Vigneshwer Dhinakaran

Mozilla TechSpeaker, Mozilla India
Vigneshwer is an innovative data scientist from Bengaluru who crunches real-time data and builds AI algorithms for complex business problems. He’s an official Mozilla TechSpeaker, and is the author of Rust Cookbook.

Saturday January 27, 2018 3:30pm - 3:53pm CET
C-D0207 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)
Sunday, January 28

3:30pm CET

Successful Teamwork
Limited Capacity full

"Teamwork is cooperative process that allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results. One of the essential elements of a team is its focus
toward a common goal and a clear purpose. Success relies upon team members creating environment where they are all willing to contribute and participate.
During this short workshop we first Identify essential attributes needed for successful team. In second half there will be space to use these attributes or criteria to promote effective teamwork, also we can look at some case studies."

avatar for Ondřej Hudlický

Ondřej Hudlický

BaseOS QE Manager, Red Hat
Happy father, people manager, testing enthusiast; open source, outdoor and music guy.

Sunday January 28, 2018 3:30pm - 4:53pm CET
K-A218 Faculty of Information Technology (VUT FIT)